Free Horses
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Wolne Konie — where you find your true freedom

Who are free horses? Those are horses who are free to choose. They can enjoy vast spaces with the company of others. But if they choose you for their friend, then you know that the love you share is real. Giving freedom to our horses we thought it was a gift of unconditional love — we did not expect anything in return. But we did receive something back, something quite incredible — an invitation to the real world of horses. This world leaves us breathless every single day. We would like to share it with you, if it is possible with words…

The land of the free horses is their home. Our horses lives on an area of approximately 30 hectares. Observing their behavior we see that some places in the area have a special meaning for those animals — there is a small hill where horses that feel weaker like to spend their time in moments of illness. There is also a small valley surrounded by trees where the mares love to spend the nights. Before, when there were cows grazing in this area, it was said that this was a special place where they gave birth to calves — a place of female energy perhaps. The herd chooses different location dependent on the weather and the season.
This space is their home. Horses connect with each other through space, they share the same territory and they breathe the same air. Entering this space we are their guests. We have a chance to feel like we are part of the herd connecting through the rhythm of the land. By giving ourselves some time — entering the rhythm the animals share, we find ourselves in a different space. The human herd meets the herd of horses, but this time it is them, who invite us to their home sharing a piece of the mystery.
In september the Wolne Konie herd will meet a group of extraordinary people — people who know how much we can learn from horses. Members of EAHAE will visit the Wolne Konie ranch for the 10th Annual Conference. It will be an exceptional visit. By observing horses, sharing their knowledge and asking new questions we will gain new experience. The area where free horses live will be a host of amazing experience when we will look for answers how to learn from horses and how to apply this knowledge in the world. Freedom which is what the herd experiences here will be the main motif of the meeting.
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